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In the spring of 2005 Gina's mother approached
us with a request for help in finding and fulfilling
a life long dream of hers, a retail space with living
quarters in the back. It started with a search for a
suitable existing property in the Hill country,
expanding out from there. Many hours and miles
were spent looking at property, evaluating the
merits of each, estimating the amount of
remodeling each would need to somewhat realize
her request. All the while considering the need for
a minimal maintenance result.
After an exhausting search we suggested that we
could build one cheaper, more energy efficient,
and better than what was available at that time.
We could not only build what suited her needs
the best, but everything would be new, reducing
maintenance issues as well.
Shortly thereafter we were standing in a 2,500
square foot shell in downtown Bartlett. A red iron
frame work held up a metal roof independent of
the deteriorated back wall, a blank canvas nestled
in the center of the block.
We compiled her requests for the space and started the
blueprints from dreams, wishes, and a few magazine
When designing a space within the confines of existing
walls, the battle for inches where needed is more
difficult than it may seem. We were well into the summer
by the time the plans were finalized and we broke
ground with our hand picked list of subcontractors and
suppliers on what became her dream come true.             
Thanks again
Her request for the retail to maintain the bulk of the
footage available, keep a high ceiling line, and a
mezzanine look for display and decorating was not
compromised. The retail space was fully insulated,
a separate HVAC was allocated, the new storefront
included insulated low-E glass, all to up the energy
The door behind the counter is a nice half bath, the door
on the right is a storage closet. The door at the top of the
stairs is attic access to a 10x10 storage area and the HVAC
A coffee bar was added with space for a TV and cable box
to pamper her customers.
A custom designed sales counter, showcase,
display shelving, and wrapping/craft area, was built
to minimize the space required by the stairs to
access the mezzanine and attic.
A portion of the existing red iron frame work was left in
place to add visual interest and decorating options to
the space.
G & G Consulting
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Most of the before and construction pictures are sitting in a dead
computer. These pictures were scanned in from a picture album. If you
care to look through them they can be found