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Over 60 years combined experience
turning houses into homes
Time is a rare commodity for your homebuilder, as well as the subcontractors. If you feel you
are left with more questions than answers, or just need help getting through the building
process. The assistance you need is G & G Consulting, call or E-mail us today and turn that
house back into your home!
Congratulations on your new home!

Your home is one of the most important and emotional investments you will make.
Maybe a larger home for that growing family, big yard, lots of storage, close to work, and the
best schools. Maybe empty nesters downsizing, smaller home, smaller yard, close to
shopping and golf. Where your home falls in the above descriptions is irrelevant, since the
quality and importance of your home is not determined by square footage. All houses are
someone's home, large or small.
There are three main types of homes to purchase with variations among them. Buying an
existing home, a nationwide building company, or a custom home from the ground up.
* An existing home, new to fixer upper, accommodating to your needs and lifestyle in your
desired area is an excellent way to acquire your home.
* Buy and build in one of the communities being developed by a nationwide building
company. They are very good at helping the first time home buyers, and are also making
their mark with the larger homes as well. Offering a variety of floor plans, upgrade and color
packages, and lot choice helps you customize your home at a reduced stress level.
* Then there are the custom homes that begin with your dream. Your decisions and options
start instantly. Style of home desired, price range, size, amount of rooms, home site, and
homebuilder. An architect that can transfer your dreams to paper and fit them to your chosen
home site.
This is where the fun begins, watching your dream and your architects' interpretation of your
dream become a three dimensional reality.

                                                                                                                             G & G Consulting
It's your investment !

With our service based on an hourly rate you are in charge of the amount spent. You decide
when you need us. We offer everything from a one time consultation to daily on site reviews.
Each home is as unique as each home buyer, and we will make every effort to accommodate
each individual. For an investment as important as your home, our fee is a small price to pay
for the benefit of our years of experience and knowledge standing with you.
* If you feel your lack of knowledge may be limiting your options, or just can't see the forest
for the trees,
we can help.
* Out of town to much to oversee building your new home, or transferring in from out of state,
we can help.
* In the event that your relationship with your homebuilder has become strained or
we can help.
Serving Austin, Texas and the surrounding area
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