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Frequently asked Questions
 Do changes cost extra?
Yes, most all homebuilders have an extra charge for change orders over and above the
normal cost of the changes being made. This compensates for the extra paperwork and
supervision needed to implement the change. Minimizing changes can reduce the final bill
on your home from your builder and subcontractors. Making changes is possible as your
home progresses, but not cost effective. This is one reason why plan and spec reviews are
so important. If your home is well underway, recognizing any upcoming design deficiencies
as early as possible can also save you money by decreasing the subcontractors affected.
Also keep in mind that almost always change orders are
"pay as you go" and it's not
uncommon to see change orders and upgrades exceed 10%-15% of the cost of your home.

 Is time really a factor?
Yes, time is money in the building industry, interest on your construction loan ticks away on
a daily basis. Keeping ahead of your builder and subcontractors with decisions and
selections allows them to finish your home in the time allowed. Waiting on your decisions
and selections can be very costly.

 Are all of my options revealed and explained?
All options on how to accomplish the end results, at times are not revealed or fully
explained. Reducing the time spent on the decision making process. A standard practice is
no more than two or three choices, more choices equals more time spent. The options you
receive are sometimes based on what is easiest and fastest, as opposed to what is the best
solution. This saves time today, but may cost you money tomorrow.

 Is our service affordable?
Ultimately the final decision on how much or how little you spend for our help is your
decision, based on your personal needs. To make our fee as affordable as possible for any
budget it is based on, one of us, a minimum trip charge per visit the first hour included, then
rolls to an hourly rate in quarter hour increments. A bill will be presented and payment is due
at that time unless previous arrangements have been made. You will also be asked to sign a
liability waiver reminding you that we are not licenced building inspectors nor structural
engineers. Our service offered is opinion backed by experience only, nothing more is
implied. Contact us to confirm our rates, the trip charge may very based on travel time and
distance to your home site.
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